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Why Boosted Boards Are The Perfect Option For Commuting Within The City

Claiming to be the world’s lightest electric vehicle, the “Boosted Board” was initially just a Stanford project. However, with time the boosted board grew in popularity steadily and is consistently promoted by one of the top YouTube vlogger, Casey Neistat. In general, boosted board is an electric longboard which can go up to 22 mph. This boosted board review will tell people why this a great product to be used for enjoyment as well as a means of daily commute in the city.

Boosted Board Overview


The overall design for boosted board has been taken from a general longboard so that most people can ride it. The board features a sleek bamboo deck with ample of space for the user to stand on. The stylish board features small battery or motor enclosures which can barely be seen from certain angles. The sections have been mounted a bit above the deck to ensure no damage when the deck flexes. This helps to increase the shock absorption capacity ensuring a smoother ride. The board also features large and wide 80mm Kegel Wheels from Orangatang, which help in fluidly riding over obstacles on the road such as bumps, cracks or debris.


The boosted board features four modes of riding so that people can operate it easily even if they have less experience on a skateboard. The beginner mode has a top speed of 11 mph for learners and areas with more traffic whereas the pro mode can go up to 22 mph. The board uses regenerative braking technology for quick breaking even when at high speeds while riding downhill. Paired with a strong Bluetooth connection, the boosted board can be efficiently used for riding in any type of traffic.
Technology:The board can be controlled comfortably through the Bluetooth remote. The remote has 3 simple buttons to avoid confusion on the road. The safety button has to be pressed in order to move the board which stops the board from moving by accident. The scroll wheel on remote can be used to throttle the board. The third button is a multi-function button which turns the remote on and can also be used to switch riding modes or view range.

The boosted boards use a belt drive technology for generating more power and precise control. The Dual+ model boasts to generate up to 4 times the power generated by elite Tour de France racers while climbing uphill. The board comes with 2 easily replaceable battery options. The smaller battery can power the board for 6 miles whereas the larger battery offers 12 miles of riding once fully charged.

Why Use a Boosted Board

Using a skateboard is one of the best means for local commute. People riding a skateboard don’t have any worries about gas stations, traffic, parking space, locks etc. Although skateboards are mainly popular for running quick errands and short trips, boosted boards have a much wider range of applications while having similar weight and design.

Skateboards are tiring to push around and hard to control. The boosted boards on the other hand can be ridden at 22 mph without any effort and controlled in a flick. Boosted boards have enough power to climb uphill at even 25 percent grade. Normal skateboards are also uncomfortable for riding over long distances whereas the boosted board contains enough space for comfortable long rides. Since boosted boards don’t leave a person sweating or tired, they can even be used for commuting to the office.
Boosted boards have easily replaceable batteries and a fast charger which can be carried along comfortably for long rides. The boards come with a 30 day refund guarantee for people who don’t like the product and a 6 month warranty. All these factors make boosted boards an ideal means for commuting within the city.


  • Stylish design
  • Top speed of 22 mph
  • Different riding modes
  • Quick braking
  • Replaceable battery
  • Waterproof components
  • Fast Charging
  • High power to climb uphill
  • Enhanced design for comfortable ride


  • Uses electricity to run (around $5 for 2000 miles as claimed on Kickstarter by the company)
  • May be unsuitable for people who have problems riding a skateboard
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